i can’t wait til my bangs grow back out I look like such an idiot right now, frick. i can’t believe I cut them so short…

nicer note, I am going to try to make my hair white today. wish me luck / u \

HI! As I was going through the massive jungle that is Artist Alley, you and Miq's table really caught my eye :3 (ALL DAT PINK THO) I wasn't able to meet you, but I bought a print of yours and got to talk to Miq! (Miq is probably the sweetest ever). I asked if it was supposed to be Charlotte (from Madoka) and Miq told me it was inspired by her! Needless to say that I'm in love. Keep up the great work and I hope you had a successful table at AX <3 PLEASE COME AGAIN NEXT YEAR!~


Aw man that’s basically my only original print, I’m really glad you like it! It was based on Charlotte a bit, the boots/eyes/polka dots specifically! Thanks so much u w u

Also I am for sure going next year and will be in a WAY better spot! I’m super psyched.

your art is so cute!! I am totally in love ;///; I wanted to ask if you ever do zines or little comics with your art or something? xxx


Aaa omg I love your art too!!! I’ve been watching for a while / u \

Actually, not yet. But, I have been working on the storyboarding and stuff for one that I’ve been wanting to do for years! I’ll be working on concept art for it soon and will have the first art book for it by November (so it will start being online as well).

Thanks so much!! ; u  ;


One of my dreams as an artist is to be always ready to gift draw ponies for the little girls who bring in their MLP dolls to the cafes I go to, or draw them as princesses when they wear their little costumes around. For some reason I’m always shy to. But it’s one of my dreams not to be and to make them happy!

Not to be rude, but are you a transvestite?



No, I’m not. Out of curiosity, what made you think that I was maybe? Haha.



self introduction: ^♥^

Cute and colorful, riqurr’s work impressively switches between a minimal illustrative look and delicate painterly style. Consistently angelic, their princess aesthetic is flawlessly charming.

Kokoro no Usagi



sweet sweet sleepy music with bubbly drips sound effects via 1998 

this song is now the #1 most played on my iTunes whoops & i just recently bought the cd (hard to find~!!)

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ソランジュ (by sienar3)


ANREALAGE 2011-2012 A/W Collection

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What Bo En (Sonic) Taught Me



sonicwave continues

this one is incredible bye

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